What kind of church is CenterPoint? Who attends CenterPoint Church?

Center Point is a local body of Christ and family of believers ranging from newborns into their 90s from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences. We are multi-generational, diverse group of people who come together as a family and body of Christ followers.  We have a variety of backgrounds and welcome you to come as you are. We believe in a no hassle approach. We prioritize substantial Bible teaching that is uncompromising truth given with love and compassion.

What time and how long is the Sunday service/what kind of music do you play?

Every Sunday, we start at 10:30AM and aim to be out around noon or so.

We start our service with worship celebration by playing the latest in contemporary Christian worship music. Expect music and worship that is expressive without being excessive, based on connecting with God and not performance. We are not a big show church.

Where will my kids go/what ages attend KidsPoint? What will my child learn?

We offer KidsPoint (elementary), TeenPoint (middle and high school), and nursery (0-4 years) in addition to our adult worship service. In both KidsPoint and TeenPoint, we teach Bible based lessons.

What should I wear?

We believe that God looks at the inside at the heart rather than on the clothes you’re wearing so we encourage you to wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing. If people want to dress up, that’s okay. If people want to dress down, that’s okay. We don’t get caught up with what is on the outside.

Will I be asked to give an offering?

While we have offering boxes at the doorways and opportunities to give online and through our app, there will be no ushering and no pressure to give. We’re honest about money. We believe in financial accountability and transparency. Of course, giving is important. Our church is completely nonprofit, and dependent upon the giving of our people. But at the same time, God loves a cheerful giver and people who give voluntarily and willingly from their heart without any compulsion or pressure. 

As a visitor, will I be required to say anything publicly or be singled out?

You will not be singled out publicly. Period. You will be warmly greeted and welcomed but not hassled or embarrassed.

Will I have a chance to meet the Pastor?

Pastor Duane loves to meet new people! Feel free to stop by after service if you want to say hello. 

Should I bring a Bible?

We encourage people to bring a Bible. It can be a hard copy or electronic. If you don’t have one (or left yours at home), we have Bibles available to use. 

Where do I go if I need more information?

Aside from our website and app, you are welcomed and encouraged to give the church a call at 863-324-7915 or send an email to centerpoint@centerpointchurch.org. We will be very happy to chat with you and answer any questions you might have.

CenterPoint Church A family of believers seeking the Truth and the Life.